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A Waterford crystal vase is both a priceless part of every Waterford collection and a beautiful decoration that adds class to every home. It catches the light magnificently and it’s also a great conversation starter. They are classy and elegant.

I want to give you my top 7 tips on how to decorate your Waterford crystal vase to beautify your home and impress your friends. More tips can be found in  give us a shout out.

1) Decorate slender Waterford vases with roses or daisies. A vase filled with fresh, colorful flowers makes your home look warm and inviting. Make sure to change the water often to prevent any stains on your vase.

2) A simple yet stunning trick is to add satin ribbons to your vase.

3) Fill up your Waterford vase with some water and put in some swimming candles. Much more beautiful than a regular candle. Candles make great decoration, especially if you light them in the dark, but removing the wax carefully from crystal is not a task that everybody loves.

4) When the snow falls, put some ferns and pine cones around the vase. White or gold fabric will add a great and elegant atmosphere to your home

5) In summer you can get some fresh fruits like limes, oranges and place them around the crystal vase. Be careful if you want to place them inside. If you want to be on the safe side, make sure to put some fabric between the crystal and the fruits to prevent any stains.

6) You can even combine your Waterford crystal vase with other Waterford products! Put your vase in the middle of two candle holders and you will get a simple yet elegant composition.

7) When the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, go out for a walk and collect some nuts and colorful red and orange leaves. This is one of my favorite ways of decoration as it perfectly catches the seasonal atmosphere!

I hope you enjoyed my personal Waterford vase decoration tricks. Go ahead and add some beautiful decoration to your vase right now